In this portfolio FES is able to supply services associated with the management, implementation and quality control of contractors appointed to implement projects identified in Environmental Management Plans and or Operational Management Plans such as clearing alien invasive plants, firebreaks or footpaths. FES can provide specialised support services to landowners seeking agricultural certification e.g. GLOBALGAP, the capture of data and the collation and maintenance of this data in a GIS.



- Management and Quality Control of Contractors.

- Support landowners to adhere to certification requirements eg. GLOBALGAP.

- Alien Invasive Vegetation Clearing, Clearing Fire Breaks and Footpath Management.

- Product Supply Tailored to Your Specific Environmental Management Needs.

- Implementation of Projects Identified in our Environmental Management Plans.

- Provide Operational Manuals to Landowners and Communities.

- Data Capture, Management and GIS mapping.

- Industry Biodiversity & Business Best Practice Guidelines, Implementation, Monitoring and Auditing Systems.